Hunger strike updates

More updates on this as they come…This is the second prisoner death in Domokos since the election of Syriza. A prisoner of Domokos high-security prison, of Pakistani origin, killed himself after being moved, not to the hospital as he requested, but to the guard’s room. As a result, there is tension in Domokos and apparently prisoners (in the wing of the hunger strikers N. Maziotis, G. Naxakis, and K. Rodopoulos) have disabled cameras and caused extensive damages…

Radio Kokkino is still occupied, the link is a few posts down. Today was the big military parade of March 25, but happily there was rain.

A total of six CCF members have been moved under heavy police guard,  into various hospitals.

Kostas Gournas and Dmitris Koufoudinas have been moved from Domokos prison to hospital in nearby Lamia.

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