Hunger strike officially ended

The remaining comrades from the DAK (Network of imprisoned fighters) have ended their hunger strike, judging that most of their significant demands have been met. Via contrainfo-

“– The legal framework that determines the operation of type C prisons was repealed. (However, article 187 regarding criminal organisations and article 187A regarding terrorist organisations still stand.)

– The aggravating feature relating to acts committed with concealed/altered physical characteristics was abolished for cases of arrests in demonstrations. However, the anti-hoodie law still applies to cases of (armed) robberies. According to the hunger strike termination statement of the participants in DAK, the minimum sentence for robbery with concealed/altered physical characteristics was dropped from 10 to 5 years, leaving the matter to the discretion of the judge.

“– It was determined that an independent expert witness may be present from the early stage of collection of genetic material/samples. However, the prosecutorial provision of forcible taking of DNA samples still stands.

– It was determined that inmates sentenced to life imprisonment who have served 10 years in prison, and their degree of disability exceeds an 80%, may be granted release to serve the remainder of their sentence under house arrest (with an electronic bracelet). So, the convicted 17N member Savvas Xiros may be granted the possibility to be placed under house arrest, as his degree of disability has reached a 98%.”


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University occupation evicted by Syriza government

The University occupation in support of the hunger strike was ended in the early hours of the morning with the sending of the police inside. 14 comrades are awaiting charges.

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Tensions outside university building, hunger strike continues

The central administration building is still occupied in support of the hunger strike, and comrades have been recently arrested outside. As the proposed measures have still not been voted in the parliament, the occupation continues and expands- tomorrow night is also called a gathering in solidarity with the struggle in Halkidiki against the mining project there.

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March to parliament, Riots in Exarchia

Many comrades of the DAK (Network of Imprisoned Fighters) are still continuing their hunger strike, so the struggle continued with a march that defaced the outer walls of parliament  and later clashes.


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CCF ends hunger strike,etc.

CCF, judging that their demands will be met concerning the release of their family members, have ended their hunger strike.

Today N. Maziotis also ended his hunger strike. Below is an excerpt of his latest text…

“. . .I will not speak in terms of victory or defeat. The struggle of the political prisoners, regardless of its outcome, has a large value and importance. It is the first hunger strike of the political prisoners, and as I have said it goes far beyond the judicial-request framework. It is the first political mobilization that has opposed the syriza government. This struggle has dispelled the illusions regarding the left face of power, the left crutch of capitalism, the left management of the crisis. This is the great political legacy we leave to history and in this perspective we are surely victorious.”

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Intervention at the Parliament

Comrades made an intervention in support of the hunger strike outside of the parliament!

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Solidarity Banner drop for hunger strikers in Korydallos Prison

In the context of the actions of solidarity with our fellow prisoners on hunger strike, we hang a banner in the A’ wing of Koridallos prison.

Immediate release of CCF relatives


The banner says: Immediate release of CCF relatives – Victory to all the hunger strikers – Dignity or death

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Updates today

The university building is still occupied. Meanwhile, the mother of 2 CCF members, Athena Tsakalos, has been granted conditional release from prison with restrictive conditions, whereas the wife of G. Tsakalos  is still not released.

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English language broadcast concerning the hunger strike

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Korydallos Prisoners’ statement

We, the prisoners of Korydallos prison, decided to scale up our reactions towards this insanity and injustice evolving in front of our eyes.

For about a month now, the judicial council that deals with the release of a 60-year-old mother and the wife of our fellow prisoner, Gerasimos Tsakalos, ostentatiously turns a deaf ear, playing with the life and the health of the hunger strikers, and the same policy is also followed by the Minister of Justice, which extends the passage of the bill, overtiring our fellow prisoners on hunger strike, whose demands concern all us prisoners and have to be satisfied…

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