Athens University administration building occupied

In support of the ongoing hunger strike! The building is currently surrounded by riot police…more news as it comes



Various acts…

In memory of Lamros Foundas, member of revolutionary struggle, a group torched several police cars at the Dafni police station, the neighborhood where he was killed.

Also, in Xania, Crete, an incendiary device was left at a Syriza office…


INTERNATIONAL CALL for revolutionary solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike since 2nd of March in Greece

INTERNATIONAL CALL for revolutionary solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike since 2nd of March in Greece WEDNESDAY 1st of APRIL 2015

At the present moment, the imprisoned anarchists, members of DAK (Network of imprisoned social fighters), A. Stampoulos, A. Theofilou, G. Karagianidis, D. Politis, F. Charisis, A. Dalios, D. Mpourzoukos, G. Sarafoudis, G. Michailidis, the members of the “Revolutionary Struggle” N. Maziotis and K. Gournas, the member of “17th of November” D. Koufontinas, a number of Turkish political prisoners and the prisoners G. Sofianidis and M. S. Eltsibach, are on a hunger strike, fighting against the repressive legal state of exception which has been established by the Greek state since the beginning of 2000.

Starting in 2 of March, along with the comrades outside the prison walls, we commenced a struggle for the abolition of type C high security prisons, the abolition of “antiterrorist” law, the abolition of the “hoodlaw”, the radical  change in the process of taking and identification of DNA samples, the release of the seriously sick member of 17N S. Ksiros.

Our struggle for the fulfillment of these demands is a struggle against the core of the state of emergency. It is a struggle against the core of the new totalitarianism which has been enforced by the state of Greece, as well as by the rest of the states globally. Recognizing the fact that the nexus of dominance’s designs transcends the narrow geographic borders of national states, we call all the comrades to support our fight.

We call all comrades to act in solidarity on the 1st of April, sending a message of revolutionary unity.


DAK (Network of imprisoned social fighters)

source: IndyMedia Athens


Updates, March 26

Another radio station, called Antenna, is now occupied in Patra.

2 more CCF members have been hospitalized, making it now 8 members of the CCF currently in various hospitals.

more to follow. . .


Incendiary Barrage in solidarity with prisoners. . .

It starts to get hot. . .

“Contributing to the cause of imprisoned fighters who are on hunger strike we embarked on an incendiary barrage on 20/3 and 22/3. Specifically:

Four ATMs of National Bank at Halandri, Maroussi and Zografou.
Three ATMs of Alpha bank in Peuke Neo Psychiko and Byronas.
An ATM of Piraeus Bank in Agia Paraskevi.
And a van of supermarket Sklavenitis in Kessariani. ”


Letter of D. Bolano and M. Nikolopoulos, CFF members, from Evangelismos prison

Wednesday, March 25, while we’re on the 24th day of hunger strike and our physical condition and health gets worse, we are hastily transferred for hospitalization to Evaggelismos hospital. There, from the first examination, from the pathology clinic and the full care of the hospital doctors, we are “delivered” to the outer guard of Korydallos prison. And there, with the head of the shift (details will be published in the future), a series of disturbances in the form of hazing begin, aiming to affect our psychology and humiliate our personalities, in vain of course…


Hunger strike updates

More updates on this as they come…This is the second prisoner death in Domokos since the election of Syriza. A prisoner of Domokos high-security prison, of Pakistani origin, killed himself after being moved, not to the hospital as he requested, but to the guard’s room. As a result, there is tension in Domokos and apparently prisoners (in the wing of the hunger strikers N. Maziotis, G. Naxakis, and K. Rodopoulos) have disabled cameras and caused extensive damages…

Radio Kokkino is still occupied, the link is a few posts down. Today was the big military parade of March 25, but happily there was rain.

A total of six CCF members have been moved under heavy police guard,  into various hospitals.

Kostas Gournas and Dmitris Koufoudinas have been moved from Domokos prison to hospital in nearby Lamia.


Important letter of N.Maziotis, hunger striker, to the assembly in support of hunger strikers

From Act for Freedom Now:

“Comrades, the political prisoners are already on the 10th day of the
hunger strike. It is very positive that the assembly supports all
demands of the political prisoners despite the differences in the
demanding frame, in order for no one to be left alone against state
oppression. You are definitely already discussing solidarity acts that
will take place in the immediate future. I know that one of these acts
is a demonstration in the centre of Athens. In my opinion, concerning this proposal, this demonstration should not exclusively have the characteristics of solidarity to the political prisoners on hunger strike, but must be connected and place the matter of the revolutionary prospect, the matter of revolution. Because social revolution and solidarity to the political prisoners are linked and directly connected…”


The rest should be read here


Pro-syriza station still occupied,etc.

In Kavala, Greece, the Kokkino radio station and syriza office have also been occupied. Meanwhile back in Athens, the signal of occupied Kokkino has been cut off, but the occupiers continue to broadcast online.


Some Solidarity actions (via Interarma)

A brief attempt at updates, we are trying to make a more comprehensive and international list soon

FAI-IRF attack against courthouse in Heraklio

Syriza office torched