Pro-syriza radio station occupied

Radio Kokkino (pro-syriza radio station) was occupied today by supporters of the hunger strikers. More updates as they come. . .

An excerpt from their communique: “We of the occupation of “Kokkino 105.5″ are taking things into our own hands and making counter-information a weapon! This action is a part of the polymorphous movement of solidarity with the imprisoned hunger strikers. For the victory of the hunger strikers! Destroy all prisons!”

Click here to listen online.


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Hunger strike to continue

The government has not met all of the demands of the hunger strikers with their recent parliamentary bill, thus as of now the hunger strikers will continue the hunger strike.

More updates as they come. . .

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Further updates on hospitalised CCF members

In addition to the previous post, via Contrainfo

. . .On March 19th, another CCF prisoner on hunger strike, Theofilos Mavropoulos, needed to be hospitalised outside the prison because of severe dizziness and abdominal and kidney pains.

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Translation of Text of Assembly in support of Hunger Strikers

Victory to the struggle of the hunger strikers

Since 2nd March 2015 onwards dozens of political prisoners are fasting in protest of the “anti-terrorism crusade”, materialized in the form of the special suppressive/legal foundation that has been consolidated in recent years and the now-permanent “constant state of emergency” regime, as well as the detention of their family members.

We, as the Assembly in Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers, support with the entirety of our strength the struggle of the political prisoners and fight with them for:

  • Withdrawal of the special anti-terrorist legislation and specifically the terrorist and criminal organization laws (laws 187A and 187)
  • Withdrawal of the special repressive laws (anti-hoodie law).
  • Abolishment of the “C-type” prisons that constitute the finalization of the separation and exemption status of political prisoners.
  • Delineation of the use and processing of DNA as legal
  • Immediate release of Savvas Xiros who is being slowly exterminated over the past 13 years by the vengeful state despite his 98 % disability
  • Immediate release of family members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF).

The political prisoners’ hunger strike is inseparably connected with yesterday’s and tomorrow’s struggle.

The political prisoners are prisoners of war waged against the state and capitalism, whilst remaining at the frontline of this struggle.

Struggle until the demolition of every last prison

Freedom to the political prisoners

Assembly in Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers


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Health conditions of hunger strikers

The comrades on hunger strike, after 2 weeks, are beginning to experience health problems. Collated are reports from various sites, translations in English of the various developments.

On the health of the strikers in Domokos

P. Argyrou, CCF member, suffered a fainting attack and then was transferred between various hospitals.

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Tactical withdrawal from Law School occupation

Under heavy police pressure which was met with a solidarity demo in support of the occupiers, the Law School occupation decided to end yesterday, 3/18. Let’s see what happens next. . .law_school_police

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More hunger strikers

As of March 16, D. Politis and A.D. Bourzoukos, members of the Network of Imprisoned Fighters, have added their participation to the hunger strike.

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3/17 Solidarity Demo for Hunger Strikers

In the evening of Tuesday, 3/17, a few thousand people attended the solidarity demo organized for the hunger strikers. After the demo ended at Propylaia, there were clashes with the riot police in Exarcheia, with burning barricades and luxury cars set on fire.

Stay tuned. . .1 (1) 14inexarchia-epeisodia-9 13

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Yeia sou!

Translations and updates concerning the ongoing (since March 2) hunger strike in Greece.

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